How to tighten your vag overnight, Having a slack vagina is no shame and there is nothing strange about seeking measures to tighten up your vagina in any way. Honestly, if you think that it’s only you going through a concern like this- you are wrong!

Interestingly, a problem like this hits every woman as she passes by some of the very unavoidable phases in her life. These phases despite being natural affect her bodily functions in many ways and one such example is the stretching of vagina walls.

Women in general prefer being mum over the entire situation for the sake of ‘privacy’. They generally feel that it is a shame and speaking up or standing up against something like this would affect their esteem at large.

While going with the flow and adjusting with the changes at every phase in our life sounds a good idea, there is no point in settling on a change that is affecting your sexual life- or your mental peace on a whole! Trust me, ignoring it, accepting it or letting it affect you is the REAL SHAME than keeping it a hush-hush affair.

This could add more to your troubles, leading to insecurities, poor confidence and trust issues with your partner.

Many factors are taken into account while we consider the causes of vaginal slacking, but out of all these potential reasons, there is nothing such as excessive sex which you and I generally assume to affect the tautness of vagina. No wonder, this is one major reason why many choose to suffer in silence than being judged by others. To say the least, the lacking of knowledge on the subject holds back many from stepping up and working for a change!

Generally, childbearing results in weakening the genital muscles owing to the continuous contraction and expansion at the time of delivery. Of course, the muscles hold the tendency to get back to its original pre-stretched state after a period, but back to back pregnancies, accompanied with age, leave a permanent impact on the vaginal muscles.

Other contributors that add to the loosening and stretching of vagina are menopause, aging, obesity and hormonal imbalance. Well, if it’s childbearing, obesity or any other condition that has loosened you down there, the good news is that, that you can resurrect your genital muscles and feel ‘desired’ again!